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151 2019-03-26 18.56 MB DSLs in Action.pdf
Your success-and sanity-are closer at hand when you work at a higher level of abstraction, allowing your attention to be on the business problem rather than the details of the programming platform. Domain Specific Languages - "little languages" implemented
152 2019-03-26 280.08 KB Project Management Manual Harvard Business School.pdf
Imagine that an important customer in your firm commissions you to complete a sophisticated worldwide market study that will form the basis of a global expansion strategy. Or that you are responsible for the development of the product which will determine
153 2019-03-26 74.42 KB Tối ưu thông tin kinh doanh(BI) Phương thức tạo giá trị cho doanh nghiệp.pdf
Nhưng giờ đây, hơn bao giờ hết, tối ưu thông tin kinh doanh (Business intelligence - BI) đã được biết đến như một phương thức tạo giá trị quan trọng. Có thể nói BI là cách xử lý một lượng khổng lồ dữ liệu nhằm giúp doanh nghiệp thấu hiểu khách hàng và
154 2019-03-26 31.57 KB How to prepare your business plan.pdf
Every business, regardless of size, should have a working business plan and it is even more important when you are starting up a new business. A business plan is not only a vital instrument is applying for and securing funding but also a useful business
155 2019-03-26 209.41 KB Phát hiện lãnh đạo đích thực.pdf
Tất cả chúng ta có khả năng truyền cảm hứng và tăng cường những người khác. Nhưng đầu tiên, như các nhà lãnh đạo, chúng ta phải sẵn sàng cống hiến cho sự phát triển cá nhân. Các tác giả Bill George, Peter Sims, Andrew N. McLean, Diana Mayer đưa ra quan
156 2019-03-26 5.62 MB Business Vocabulary In Use Intermidiate Cambridge Nguyen Tan Tien(2).pdf
157 2019-03-26 5.51 MB Business Vocabulary In Use Intermidiate Cambridge Nguyen Tan Tien(3).pdf
158 2019-03-26 5.51 MB Nguyen Tan Tien Business Vocabulary In Use Intermidiate Cambridge Nguyen Tan Tien(4).pdf
159 2019-03-26 5.52 MB Nguyen Tan Tien Business Vocabulary In Use Intermidiate Cambridge Nguyen Tan Tien(5).pdf
160 2019-03-26 5.47 MB Business Vocabulary In Use Intermidiate Cambridge Nguyen Tan Tien(1).pdf
161 2019-03-26 20.45 MB Retail Business Kit For Dummies 2nd Edition.pdf
Whether you're a novice or a seasoned retail entrepreneur, Retail Business Kit For Dummies shows you how to start and run your business in today's retail marketplace-from your original dream and the day-to-day operation to establishing a connection with
162 2019-03-26 1.17 MB Seven Lessons for Leading in Crisis.pdf
One of the country's most trusted leaders offers time-tested and real world advice for leading in economic hard times From business giant Bill George, the acclaimed author of Wall Street Journal's bestseller True North, comes the just-in-time
163 2019-03-26 2.01 MB Business and Technology in China (Understanding China Today).pdf
Business and Technology in China offers a perceptive look at China's economic wonder and the science/business partnership that is pointing the way to its future. In a series of narrative chapters, the book marks China's astonishing transformation into
164 2019-03-26 284.83 KB Lãnh đạo và tư duy tổng hợp.pdf
Trong bài báo đăng trên số mới nhất của tạp chí Havard Business Review, tác giả Roger Martin - hiệu trưởng trường quản lý Rotman thuộc Đại học Toronto, Canada phát hiện ra rằng, các nhà lãnh đạo thành công là những người có khả năng giữ trong đầu hai
165 2019-03-26 48.95 MB Real World Solutions for Developing High Quality PHP Frameworks and Applications.pdf
Packed with in-depth information and step-by-step guidance, this book escorts you through the process of creating, maintaining and extending sustainable software of high quality with PHP. World-renowned PHP experts present real-world case studies for
166 2019-03-26 4.40 MB Protecting SQL Server Data.pdf
For as long as there has been something to communicate between two persons there has been data. Today, vast volumes of it are gathered about almost every individual and business. It is the information that we provide when we sign up for an account at
167 2019-03-26 182.22 KB A Companion to Urban Economics Arnott and McMillen Chapter 6.pdf
C H A P T E R S I X Monocentric Cities 6.1 INTRODUCTION Anyone who is even a casual student of cities has noted that, within a particular city, the economic landscape can vary dramatically, especially with proximity to the central business district.
168 2019-03-26 9.34 MB Beginning WordPress 3.pdf
One of the most popular open source blogging and content management systems, Wordpress lets you create a website to promote yourself or your business quickly and easily-and better yet, it's free. WordPress is a flexible, user-friendly system, and it can
169 2019-03-26 707.51 KB Online Exposure Internet Marketing Made Simple.pdf
You may have a business or product already. This manual is designed to create demand for that product or service. You may simply want to find a way to "break in" to the lucrative world of the online marketplace. I will tell you how you can be successful
170 2019-03-26 6.19 MB 3G Marketing on the Internet.pdf
The purchase of computer software or hardware is an important and costly business decision. While the author and publisher of this book have made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information contained herein, the author
171 2019-03-26 3.63 MB 11 steps to create a successful web site.pdf
You may think this goes against common sense, but the essence of your Web site isn’t really about you. What? It’s true. Sure, it presents your business face to the world and you’ll carefully make choices later on to put that together. But your Web site
172 2019-03-26 13.30 MB Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies.pdf
Your time is precious, and you probably bought this book because you have a specific project in mind and need to get it off the ground quickly. Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies is designed to take you through the process of starting a business blog
173 2019-03-26 824.53 KB Goof proof Business Writing.pdf
LearningExpress provides career guides, study aides, and test-preparation books to help people prepare for high-stakes tests; to pass licensing, certification, or competitive entry-level exams; or to advance in school or professionally.
174 2019-03-26 2.07 MB Business Writing Clear and Simple.pdf
LearningExpress provides career guides, study aides, and test-preparation books to help people prepare for high-stakes tests; to pass licensing, certification, or competitive entry-level exams; or to advance in school or professionally.
Telemarketing, telesales, cold calling ... whatever you want to call it (and I'll use the terms interchangeably), the professional use of the phone in sales is a process, not a goofy technique or gimmick.
176 2019-03-26 483.10 KB Check Your English Vocabulary for Business and Administration.pdf
Suitable for students or overseas-trained business and administration staff who want to work in an English-speaking country and for students who are planning to take the BEC Vantage/Higher exam, the TOEIC, or one of the LCCI International Qualifications
177 2019-03-26 6.40 MB Advertising for Dummies (2nd Edition).pdf
So, you need to create an advertising campaign that brings in more customers, adds more dollars to your bottom line, and validates all the reasons you went into business in the first place. But how can you make your ad look and sound like champagne if
178 2019-03-26 9.79 MB ASP.NET 3.5 for Dummies.pdf
Did you volunteer to create a Web site for the softball team? Is it time to take your small business to the next level and let your customers shop online? Well, you can relax! ASP.NET 3.5 makes creating a dynamic site faster and cleaner than ever before,
179 2019-03-26 62.83 MB PowerPivot for Business Intelligence Using Excel and SharePoint.pdf
PowerPivot comprises a set of technologies for easy access to data mining and business intelligence analysis from Microsoft Excel and SharePoint. Power users and developers alike can create sophisticated, online analytic processing (OLAP) solutions using
180 2019-03-26 18.52 MB Flash Multiplayer Virtual Worlds.pdf
Flash virtual worlds are some of the most exciting-and profitable-online business being built today. Using Flash, developers can build interactive environments where users can interact with the virtual world and one another, compete, and have fun. Creating
181 2019-03-26 25.15 MB Silverlight 4 Unleashed.pdf
Printed entirely in color, with helpful figures and syntax coloring to make code samples appear as they do in Visual Studio and Expression Blend! Using Silverlight 4, you can build richer and more powerful applications than ever before,
182 2019-03-26 15.69 MB The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide.pdf
EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WEB, MOBILE, & SOCIAL MARKETING! * Your expert, up-to-the-minute, A-Z reference & how-to guide * Choose the right goals, media, & tools * Plan, execute, measure, &
183 2019-03-26 10.93 MB Advanced BlackBerry 6 Development.pdf
BlackBerry devices and applications are selling by the millions. As a BlackBerry developer, you need an advanced skill set to successfully exploit the most compelling features of the platform. This book will help you develop that skill set and teach you
184 2019-03-26 158.48 KB Thực trạng và triển vọng của quảng cáo online Internet.pdf
Thực trạng và triển vọng của quảng cáo online Internet, hay dở gì thì cũng là một trong những phương tiện truyền tải thông tin. Hay bởi bản thân Internet đã là một phương tiện thông tin đại chúng. Và dở bởi không phải bất cứ thông tin nào được truyền
185 2019-03-26 164.65 KB Con đường nào cho E business.pdf
E-business ngày nay đã vượt qua giai đoạn khủng hoảng, như đứa trẻ đã biết đi và sắp sửa trưởng thành, mục tiêu cơ bản của E-business hiện nay là hoàn thành đơn hàng của khách hàng. Bước vào giai đoạn này của E-business.
186 2019-03-26 9.76 MB Skype for Dummies.pdf
See how to use Skype for secure chats and connect SkypeOut and SkypeIN. Here's the fun and easy way (r) to understand all the hype about Skype and make this cool alternative communication system work for you! You'll get great advice about hardware, directions
187 2019-03-26 16.98 MB The Everyday Internet (All In One) for Dummies.pdf
The Internet made its way into everyday life as a tool people used occasionally to keep in touch with friends and gather information for personal or business needs. Now, thanks to high-speed connections, wireless access, and safe and powerful Web sites,
188 2019-03-26 9.08 MB Strategic Planning for Dummies.pdf
If you're starting a new business or planning your business's future, there are plenty of things you should take into account. Strategic Planning For Dummies covers everything you need to know to develop a plan for building and maintaining a competitive
189 2019-03-26 11.10 MB Microsoft Visio 2007 for Dummies.pdf
Reveal your inner business artist with Visio Turn your ideas into diagrams and drawings with Visio's stencils and templates If you have an idea you want to get down on electronic paper, Visio 2007 is for you, and so is this
190 2019-03-26 3.23 MB 598TGp Business dark.ppt
191 2019-03-26 5.81 MB 598TGp Business dark ani.ppt
192 2019-03-26 14.67 MB Building Your Business with Google for Dummies.pdf
• The first-ever book to show businesses step by step how to capitalize on advertising programs offered by Google, the world's #1 search engine, with more than 200 million search queries per day • Written by a veteran For Dummies author working
193 2019-03-26 5.89 MB Cake Decorating for Dummies.pdf
Want to make beautiful cakes? This fun, instructive guide gives you simple techniques for creating cakes for all celebrations. You get expert advice in all the basics -- from baking to icing to decorating with style. You'll also find delicious foolproof
194 2019-03-26 4.17 MB 583TGp business light.ppt
195 2019-03-26 26.17 MB Microsoft Outlook 2007 (All in One) for Dummies.pdf
• Nine minibooks spanning more than 800 pages make this an indispensable guide for Outlook power users• Covers the new Outlook interface and features and offers detailed coverage of Outlook tools, techniques, and tricks • Minibooks include: Outlook
196 2019-03-26 2.06 MB 571TGp business light ani.ppt
197 2019-03-26 1.62 MB 571TGp business light.ppt
198 2019-03-26 5.96 MB Business Vocabulary in Use Advanced Mascull Cambridge Nguyen Tan Tien(3).pdf
199 2019-03-26 5.93 MB Business Vocabulary in Use Advanced Mascull Cambridge Nguyen Tan Tien(1).pdf
200 2019-03-26 6.62 MB Business Vocabulary in Use Advanced Mascull Cambridge Nguyen Tan Tien(2).pdf

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