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1 2020-03-22 545.75 MB ManageEngine Analytics Plus 4.4.0 Build 4400 (x64) Professional Multilingual.rar
2 2019-03-26 1.85 MB Phân tích kinh doanh và kho dữ liệu (Business Analytics and Data Warehousing).ppt
3 2019-03-26 10.74 MB Case for Legalizing Capitalism.pdf
What's the "American system" of economics? Most people would say it is capitalism, which thereby deserves all fault when anything goes wrong. Well, Kel Kelly responds to this myth in this fast-paced and darn-near comprehensive treatment of the truth about
4 2019-03-26 1.72 MB Google Analytics tiếng Việt.pdf
Xin giới thiệu đến cộng đồng webmaster Việt Nam cuốn ebook mình mới hoàn thành xong hôm nay về chủ đề Google Analytics . Cuốn sách bao gồm toàn bộ kiến thức từ cơ bản đến nâng cao với hình ảnh minh họa chi tiết giúp bạn có thể cài đặt,sử dụng và thấu
5 2019-03-26 7.39 MB Twitter Application Development For Dummies.pdf
Get the guide to planning, developing and monetizing apps for Twitter! Twitter is the one of the hottest trends in social networking. With several million users, Twitter's popularity is growing everyday. Twitter will continue to increase user
6 2019-03-26 62.83 MB PowerPivot for Business Intelligence Using Excel and SharePoint.pdf
PowerPivot comprises a set of technologies for easy access to data mining and business intelligence analysis from Microsoft Excel and SharePoint. Power users and developers alike can create sophisticated, online analytic processing (OLAP) solutions using
7 2019-03-26 15.69 MB The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide.pdf
EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WEB, MOBILE, & SOCIAL MARKETING! * Your expert, up-to-the-minute, A-Z reference & how-to guide * Choose the right goals, media, & tools * Plan, execute, measure, &
8 2019-03-26 10.57 MB Web Analytics for Dummies.pdf
Performing your first Web site analysis just got a whole lot easier. Web Analytics For Dummies offers everything you need to know to nail down and pump up the ROI on your Web presence. It explains how to get the stats you need, then helps you analyze
9 2018-11-01 299.08 KB 02 PBS Analytics MMX Blank.xlsx

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