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1 2019-03-26 271.34 KB Joomla Viet component.pdf
2 2019-03-26 5.21 MB Ext GWT 2 0 Beginners'Guide.pdf
Ext GWT, also known as GXT, takes Google Web Toolkit one step further by providing a wide range of powerful user interface components. It allows a developer to create powerful web applications that are almost like desktop applications. However to leverage
3 2019-03-26 4.37 MB Real PCI.pdf
PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) has become one of the most popular bus standards, not only for personal computers, but also for industrial computers, communication switches, routers, and instrumentation. PCI is also a significant design challenge;
4 2019-03-26 1.42 MB Mastering jQuery Smashing Ebook.pdf
In This Smashing eBook: Mastering jQuery, you will learn how to combine JavaScript and jQuery with PHP and, specially, PHP’s GD library to create an image manipulation tool to upload an image, then crop it and finally save the revised version to the server.
5 2019-03-26 267.25 KB Joomla Component.pdf
Sách dậy viết component cho joomla
6 2019-03-26 1.05 MB JSF and Ajax with Project Woodstock.pdf
Tác giả : Doris Chen Ph.D. • Value and Method Binding • Managed Beans • Navigation, Request Processing Lifecycle Background • Building AJAX based applications could be easier?
7 2019-03-26 11.92 MB ASP.NET AJAX Programmer’s Reference with ASP.NET 2.0 or ASP.NET 3.5.pdf
Tác giả:Dr. Shahram Khosravi Chuyên ngành: Kỹ thuật - Công nghệ / Công nghệ thông tin / Hệ thống thông tin / Công nghệ phần mềm Chapter 1: AJAX Technologies Chapter 2: JavaScript Base Type Extensions.
8 2019-03-26 1.92 MB Zend Framework 2.0 Cookbook.pdf
Zend Framework 2.0 Cookbook offers a practical guide to the inner workings and hidden options of many of the Zend Framework components. For each component that is covered the book provides usage and implementation information, as well as detailed code
9 2019-03-26 24.54 MB Handbook for Blast Resistant Design of Buildings.pdf
Unique single reference supports functional and cost-efficient designs of blast resistant buildings Now there's a single reference to which architects, designers, and engineers can turn for guidance on all the key elements of the design
10 2019-03-26 14.55 MB Protected Mode Software Architecture.pdf
Protected Mode Software Architecture helps readers understandthe problems that single-task and multitasking operating systems must dealwith, and then examines each component of both the real and protected modesoftware architectures. This book is organized
11 2019-03-26 86.43 KB SIX SIGMA FOR EVERYONE PART 2.pdf
C H A P T E R 2 The Strategic Component of Six Sigma. In this chapter, we describe the strategic component of Six Sigma. First, we describe what management must do to create Six Sigma as a true management philosophy in your company
12 2019-03-26 2.60 MB Tìm hiểu về C# (Cshaph) và viết một số ứng dụng..pdf
Việc tìm hiểu bao gồm cả các kiến thức nền tảng về công nghệ .NET Framework, chuẩn bị cho các khái niệm liên quan giữa C# và .NET Framework. Sau đó tìm hiểu về bộ cú pháp của ngôn ngữ này, bao gồm toàn bộ tập lệnh, từ khóa, khái
13 2019-03-26 8.71 MB Flex 4 Fun.pdf
With this book you'll have fun exploring the graphical and animation side of the Flex 4 SDK. There are other books out there on Flex, on Flex 4, and on RIA technologies in general, but they generally don't cover the techniques that help you write cooler
14 2019-03-26 4.26 MB Zend Framework 1.8 Web Application Development.pdf
The Zend Framework has a flexible architecture that lets you build modern web applications and web services easily. The MVC components make the maintenance and testing of your applications easier. However, it is not only an MVC framework for developers.
15 2019-03-26 213.15 KB Optimal Production Planning for PCB Assembly 5 The Line Assignment...
16 2019-03-26 2.48 MB Microwave Component Mechanics.pdf
17 2019-03-26 3.84 MB Artech House Microwave Component Mechanics eBook LiB.pdf
18 2019-03-26 3.24 MB xây dựng phần mềm quản lý thiết bị.docx
Hi- Tech là một trung tâm công nghệ cao của trường Đại Học Bách Khoa - Hà Nội. Hiện nay trung tâm này được nhà nước và trường Đại Học Bách khoa Hà Nội đầu tư một số thiết bị tin học khá hiện đại. Với đặc thù của các thiết bị tin học, công việc sửa chữa
19 2019-03-26 130.25 KB ELECTROLYTES.pdf
    Introduction: The electrolyte solution is a major component of all battery systems and as such will greatly influence energy densities (thermodynamic properties such as Gibbs energy, enthalpy, and ionic activity) and power densities (nonthermodynamic
20 2019-03-26 230.00 KB E Commerce And E Business.ppt
In the emerging global economy, e-commerce and e-business have increasingly become a necessary component of business strategy and a strong catalyst for economic development. The integration of information and communications technology (ICT) in business
VirtueMart là một ứng dụng cửa hàng trực tuyến được xây dựng trên nền PHP. Nó là một thành phần (component) cho hệ quản trị thông tin Joomla và không thể sử dụng nếu không có
Emergency Planning is a critical component of every facility’s mission to provide a safe environment for its residents, staff, patrons and visitors. The key to successful emergency response lies in the details of preparedness. Generic (one-size
23 2019-03-26 895.86 KB Absorption for HAP and VOC Control.pdf
  Absorption for HAP  and VOC Control 11.1 INTRODUCTION Absorption is a diffusional mass-transfer operation by which a soluble gaseous component is removed from a gas stream by dissolution in a solvent liquid. 1 The driving force for mass transfer
24 2019-01-22 4.56 GB WIN17X64MIKE.iso
/Phần mềm tổng hợp/WIN17X64MIKE.iso / Windows 17 x64 Pro Technician Edition v.1.0 v1703 Build 15063 |

What is added? Traditional Start Bar with more adjustments. The Explorer interface has also been changed to facilitate the manipulation and management

25 2017-02-28 4.49 MB Custom Component Editing.pdf
26 2016-12-14 67.04 MB sp75478 Engine Component.exe
27 2016-11-08 8.13 MB Tekla structures Custom Component Dialog Editor Profile Attributes.mp4
28 2015-12-02 11.26 GB []Borderlands The Pre Sequel Complete Edition PROPHET ( Leon ).iso
// Borderlands- The Pre Sequel Complete Edition-PROPHET ( Leon ).iso / [PC] Borderlands The Pre Sequel [Full ISO l Action l 2014] |

Tựa game: Borderlands The Pre Sequel Thể loại: Action Phát hành: Steam Phát triển: Steam Kích thước: 11 GB


29 2015-03-10 1.17 MB 6229 Asset Register FRS Launchpad Component Part 2 Asset Details.docx
30 2014-09-10 5.14 MB Windows Server “8” Beta Hyper V Component Architecture Poster.pdf
31 2011-02-02 8.64 MB Springer Component Based Software
32 2011-02-02 2.65 MB PH Large Scale, Component Based
33 2011-02-02 3.42 MB PH Enterprise .aBeans Component
34 2011-02-02 4.20 MB O'Reilly COM and .NET Component
35 2011-02-02 1.40 MB IDG Books DCOM Microsoft Distributed Component Object
36 2011-02-02 1.20 MB AW .a 2 Platform Enterprise Edition Platform and Component
37 2011-02-02 1.75 MB AW Component Development For .a
38 2011-02-02 1.87 MB Artech House Testing and Quality Assurance for Component Based

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