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STT Thời gian Kích thước Tên file
1 2021-10-02 252.92 KB Google Cloud Server INFO.rar
2 2021-06-06 5.40 GB DL.DDP5.1.H.264 Zero..mkv
3 2021-05-27 4.00 KB Đám mây Microsoft 365 Chương trình thực hiện tất...
Tác giả: John Simon Tệp tin đường liên kết: ms7e484c484b4a4d47.exe Tệp tin hỗ trợ: Đồng bộ và lưu trữ tất cả nội dung thực thi trợ giúp công việc sử dụng mọi phương tiện kết nối trên thiết bị tại một vị trí trên cao kết nối làm việc qua tệp tin từ nền
4 2021-04-16 1.51 KB create&manage resource gcp cloud.txt
5 2021-01-27 2.17 GB Max.Cloud.2020.mHD.BluRay.DD5.1.x264 HDT.mkv
6 2021-01-20 18.49 GB Max.Cloud.2020.1080p.Blu ray.Remux.AVC.DTS HD.MA.5.1 HDT.mkv
7 2021-01-14 8.85 GB Max.Cloud.2020.1080p.BluRay.DD+5.1.x264 iFT.mkv
8 2021-01-14 4.32 GB Max.Cloud.2020.720p.BluRay.DD5.1.x264 iFT.mkv
9 2020-12-05 252.91 KB Google Cloud 20K.rar
10 2020-12-05 252.93 KB IBM Cloud Credits Worth of $1200.rar
11 2020-10-28 252.91 KB google cloud method.rar
12 2020-10-12 252.91 KB google cloud method.rar
13 2019-04-09 217.13 MB Yonder.The.Cloud.Catcher.Chronicles.Update.1 BAT LinkNeverDie.Com.rar
14 2019-03-26 15.05 MB Introducing .NET 4.0 with Visual Studio 2010.pdf
Apress | English | 02-2010 | ISBN: 143022455X | PDF | 400 Pages | 12 MB Note : Microsoft is introducing a large number of changes to the way that the .NET Framework operates. Familiar technologies are being altered, best practices
15 2019-03-26 21.82 MB Handbook of Cloud Computing.pdf
Cloud computing has become a significant technology trend. Experts believe cloud computing is currently reshaping information technology and the IT marketplace. The advantages of using cloud computing include cost savings, speed to market, access to greater
16 2019-03-26 8.48 MB Android Cookbook.pdf
If you're ready to jump in and build a working Android app, this book has all of the practical recipes you need to get the job done. You'll work with the user interface, multitouch, location-aware apps, web services, device features-such as the camera,
17 2019-03-26 7.94 MB Microsoft Windows Azure Development Cookbook.pdf
This cookbook offers practical, immediately usable task-based recipes covering a wide range of advanced development techniques for building highly scalable cloud-based services on the Windows Azure platform. It shows you how to improve these services
18 2019-03-26 4.59 MB Python and AWS Cookbook.pdf
If you intend to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for remote computing and storage, Python is an ideal programming language for developing applications and controlling your cloud-based infrastructure. This cookbook gets you started with more than two dozen
19 2019-03-26 13.52 MB Azure in Action.pdf
Azure in Action is a fast-paced tutorial intended for architects and developers looking to develop cloud-based applications on the Windows Azure Platform. Written by two of Microsoft's leading Azure evangelists, it's designed both for readers new to cloud
20 2019-03-26 12.56 MB Cloud Computing Principles and Paradigms.pdf
The primary purpose of this book is to capture the state-of-the-art in Cloud Computing technologies and applications. The book will also aim to identify potential research directions and technologies that will facilitate creation a global market-place
21 2019-03-26 3.40 MB Service Management For Dummies.pdf
What if technology was designed to serve the business - every time? That's service management! Done properly, it can make everybody happy - the customer, the service provider, and the business owner. Understand the value of managing your physical environments
22 2019-03-26 1.58 MB Executive’s Guide to Cloud Computing.pdf
In less than a decade Google, Amazon, and went from unknown ideas to powerhouse fixtures in the economic landscape; in even less time offerings such as Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and many others also carved out important roles;
23 2019-03-26 2.45 MB Cloud Computing.pdf
Giới thiệu điện toán đám mây - Andy Bechtolsheim
24 2019-03-26 1.25 MB Báo cáo tìm hiểu Cloud Computing.pdf
Báo cáo tìm hiểu Cloud Computing - Đại học bách khoa TP. HCM
25 2019-03-26 8.26 MB Implementing and Developing Cloud Computing Applications.pdf
26 2019-03-26 2.52 MB Cloud Computing Strategies.pdf
27 2019-03-26 588.77 KB Above the Clouds A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing.pdf
Giới thiệu về điện toán đám mây
28 2018-12-30 1.78 MB Cloud Atlas 2012 Bluray REMUX 1080p AVC DTS HD MA 5.1
29 2018-12-28 31.10 GB Cloud Atlas 2012 Bluray REMUX 1080p AVC DTS HD MA 5.1
30 2018-11-19 1.77 GB Adobe Premiere CC 2019
/Phần Mềm Thuvienaz/ / Tải về Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 cho MacOS |

Sau Photoshop, Illustrator, giờ là Adobe Premiere, phần mềm dựng phim hàng đầu thế giới với rất nhiều tính năng được tích hợp trong đó. Với adobe

31 2018-11-01 1.68 GB Adobe Photoshop CC 2019
/Phần Mềm Thuvienaz/ / Tải về Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 cho MacOS + Thuốc |

Như vậy là Adobe đã phát hành Creative Cloud 2019, bao gồm phiên bản mới của Adobe Photoshop CC 2019. Bề ngoài, nó có vẻ giống như một bản

32 2018-11-01 1.85 MB Adobe Zii Photoshop ThuvienAZ.7z
/Phần Mềm Thuvienaz/Adobe Zii Photoshop_ThuvienAZ.7z / Tải về Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 cho MacOS + Thuốc |

Như vậy là Adobe đã phát hành Creative Cloud 2019, bao gồm phiên bản mới của Adobe Photoshop CC 2019. Bề ngoài, nó có vẻ giống như một bản nâng

33 2018-06-13 686.77 KB 8 2 Cloud.pptx
34 2018-05-06 165.91 MB jd cloud overlay bundle
35 2018-05-06 168.60 MB jd cloud overlay bundle (3 4).zip
36 2018-05-06 486.11 MB EPIC Skies Cloud Overlays Action.rar
37 2018-05-06 295.50 MB Epic Sunsets Cloud Overlays.rar
38 2018-02-06 5.64 KB Notice From Amazon Cloud Drive.docx
39 2017-10-20 5.65 GB Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 v21.0 Multilingual (x86x64).rar
/Phần mềm tổng hợp/Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 v21.0 Multilingual (x86x64).rar / Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 |

Illustrator CC 2017 là công cụ đồ họa Vector tuyệt vời nằm trong bộ Adobe CC 2017 của Adobe cũng được nâng cấp cho hiệu năng vượt trội và nhiều

40 2017-07-20 1.74 GB Yonder.The.Cloud.Catcher.Chronicles RELOADED LinkNeverDie.Com.iso
41 2017-07-19 1.74 GB Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles GO EZ.NET.iso
42 2017-06-20 71.61 MB Synology Cloud Station Backup 4.2.2 4379.exe
43 2017-06-20 87.77 MB Synology Cloud Station Drive 4.2.2 4379.exe
44 2017-03-15 1.44 GB Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud 2014 (64bit) for VNZ levancHAGL.rar
45 2017-03-14 1.10 GB Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud 2014 for VNZ (64bit) levancHAGL.rar
46 2016-10-26 33.23 MB JamesDonkey Cloud Driver
47 2016-05-13 128.43 MB Cloud Nine.rar
48 2016-03-27 1.90 MB thegioi cloud.sql
49 2015-05-12 83.91 KB cloud connected devices.v2.png
50 2015-05-08 177.74 MB kactus Enslaved Odyssey to the West Premium Edition FLT.part13.rar
/000 phim/Enslaved Odyssey to the West Premium Edition-FLT/kactus-Enslaved_Odyssey_to_the_West_Premium_Edition-FLT.part13.rar / [PC] Tề thiên Châu Âu (2013) |

Enslaved Odyssey to the West Premium Edition – Tề thiên Châu Âu

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