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STT Thời gian Kích thước Tên file
1 2021-11-03 747.82 MB Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 17.3.2 Build 10 x64.rar
2 2021-07-24 179.01 MB Home.Design.3D.Gold.Plus.v4.5.2 LinkNeverDie.Com.rar
3 2021-07-18 4.36 MB 8th march women s day template design
4 2021-07-18 4.36 MB 8th march women s day template design card(1).zip
5 2020-11-02 6.70 MB Bioinformatics Algorithms Design and Implementation in Python...
6 2020-10-31 6.70 MB Bioinformatics Algorithms Design and Implementation in Python...
7 2020-04-26 1.60 GB VIP.Blackmagic.Design.DaVinci.Resolve.Studio.
8 2020-04-26 1.93 GB 16.Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio
9 2020-04-16 419.95 MB Setup Design Review 2018.rar
10 2020-03-20 47.07 MB Huawei Design material New logo.rar
11 2020-03-18 22.76 GB Guilt by Design 2019 Blu ray 1080p AVC TrueHD 7.1.iso
/Phim tong hop
12 2020-03-18 21.56 GB Guilt by Design 2019 Blu ray 1080p AVC TrueHD 7.1.m2ts
/Phim tong hop
13 2020-03-18 5.00 GB DL.DDP5.1.H.264 OurTV.mkv
/Phim Bom Tấn Thuyết Minh
14 2020-03-17 419.95 MB Setup Design Review 2018.rar
15 2019-12-16 800.23 MB Guilt by Design 2019 720p WEB DL x264 Ganool.mkv
/Phim lẻ mới nhất (Cập nhật liên tục)/Guilt by Design 2019 720p WEB-DL x264 Ganool.mkv / Phán Quyết Thôi Miên (2019) | Khi con gái của vị bồi thẩm đoàn bị bắt có một cách bí ẩn, anh bị rơi vào tình huống tiến thoái lưỡng nân khi phải quyết định có nên
16 2019-10-29 1.97 MB Refactoring improving the design of existing code.pdf
17 2019-10-29 8.86 MB Node.js Design Patterns.pdf
18 2019-10-29 26.72 MB Head First Design Patterns.pdf
19 2019-10-29 11.04 MB head first design patterns.9780596007126.20533.pdf
20 2019-10-29 4.56 MB Design Patterns, Elements of Reusable Object Oriented Software.pdf
21 2019-05-30 261.20 MB Autodesk AutoCAD Raster Design 2020.rar
22 2019-05-14 756.34 MB Kenny Rogers Hits (2019) FLAC.rar
/Nhạc Việt Tổng Hợp/Kenny Rogers - Hits (2019) FLAC.rar / Kenny Rogers – Hits |

List Album:

01 – Once Again She’s All Alone 02 – New Design

03 – Where Does Rosie Go

04 – Goodtime Liberator 05

23 2019-03-26 225.67 KB Lập trình hệ thống nhúng Top down design.pdf
24 2019-03-26 1.60 MB tìm hiểu công nghệ design by contrac.pdf
25 2019-03-26 1.60 MB tim hieu cong nghe design by contract va xay dung cong cu ho tro cho c.pdf
26 2019-03-26 1.60 MB công nghệ design by contract.pdf
27 2019-03-26 1.85 MB 130 mold design exam.pdf
28 2019-03-26 11.39 MB Universal Principles of Design.pdf
29 2019-03-26 14.05 MB Theory and Design of CNC Systems .pdf
30 2019-03-26 21.69 MB USB Design By Examples.pdf
31 2019-03-26 6.71 MB Wiley Interscience Introduction to Digital Signal Processing...
32 2019-03-26 17.72 MB Wrox Professional CSS Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design 2nd Edition 2008.pdf
33 2019-03-26 12.49 MB CSS Web Design for Dummies.pdf
34 2019-03-26 15.11 MB Beginning CSS Cascading Style Sheets for web design(2005).pdf
35 2019-03-26 2.32 MB 15 Ip And Atm Design And Performance.pdf
36 2019-03-26 437.60 KB Guideline for Network Design and Optimization.pdf
37 2019-03-26 2.05 MB Design a light wordpress theme in photoshop.pdf
In this tutorial I will create a new wordpress theme with a web 2.0 look. Sometimes the simplicity of the theme will bring you more readers. The light wordpress themes seams to keep your readers more on your blog. From my experience
38 2019-03-26 4.02 MB Web Designers Success Guide.pdf
Web Designer's Success Guide is the definitive guide to starting your own freelance Web design business. In this book, Kevin Airgid gives designers a step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the following: Transition from full-time to self-employment,
39 2019-03-26 445.17 KB Design Your Imagination.pdf
Design Your Imagination is a one stop resource for the beginners and learners of website design. Though this e-book is mainly targeted for the beginners of website design, it might prove helpful for the experienced web designers as well. This free web
40 2019-03-26 20.64 MB Research Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines.pdf
The Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines (Guidelines) were developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), in partnership with the U.S. General Services Administration. The Guidelines were developed to assist
41 2019-03-26 9.45 MB Taking Your Talent to the Web.pdf
This book was originally written in 2001 for print designers whose clients want websites, print art directors who'd like to move into full-time web and interaction design, homepage creators who are ready to turn pro, and professionals who seek to deepen
42 2019-03-26 4.82 MB CSS Systems For Writing Maintainable CSS.pdf
A CSS System is a reusable set of content-oriented markup patterns and associated CSS created to express a site's individual design. It is the end result of a process that emphasizes up-front planning, loose coupling between CSS and markup, pre-empting
43 2019-03-26 112.77 KB C# Coding Standards for .NET.pdf
This document describes rules and recommendations for developing applications and class libraries using the C# Language. The goal is to define guidelines to enforce consistent style and formatting and help developers avoid common pitfalls and mistakes.
44 2019-03-26 4.37 MB Real PCI.pdf
PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) has become one of the most popular bus standards, not only for personal computers, but also for industrial computers, communication switches, routers, and instrumentation. PCI is also a significant design challenge;
45 2019-03-26 11.04 MB Modern Design – Thiết kế chuyên nghiệp.pdf
Bạn sẽ bắt gặp trong cuốn tạp chí này những mẫu kiến trúc thật tuyệt vời và mang đậm phong cách thời đại.Trên thế giới luôn có những thành quả của sự sáng tạo không nghỉ, bạn hãy cùng chiêm ngưỡng những tuyệt tác đó.
46 2019-03-26 6.99 MB Accelerated C# 2010.pdf
C# 2010 offers powerful new features, and this book is the fastest path to mastering them-and the rest of C#-for both experienced C# programmers moving to C# 2010 and programmers moving to C# from another object-oriented language. Many books introduce
47 2019-03-26 4.35 MB Beginning Windows Workflow in .NET 4.0.pdf
Product Description Windows Workflow Foundation is a ground-breaking addition to the core of the .NET Framework that allows you to orchestrate human and system interactions as a series of workflows that can be easily mapped, analyzed,
48 2019-03-26 13.55 MB Essential C# 4.0.pdf
Product Description Essential C# 4.0 is a well-organized,"no-fluff" guide to all versions of C# for programmers at all levels of C# experience. This fully updated edition shows how to make the most of C# 4.0's new features and programming
49 2019-03-26 8.80 MB C# APress Expert ASP NET 2 0 Advanced Application Design 2005.pdf
50 2019-03-26 17.30 MB Web Marketing For Dummies.pdf
Just because you're launching a Web site for your product or service doesn't automatically mean you'll rake in big money. Billions of Web sites are competing for consumers' attention, and if you're new to online sales, it may be a little daunting.

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