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1 2021-02-01 0.96 KB Add Take Ownership with Pause to context
2 2021-02-01 0.95 KB Add Shift Right Click Take Ownership to context
3 2021-01-20 456.99 MB Thúy Nga CD 056 Bảo Hân & Henry Chúc Take Our Time (1994).rar
4 2020-07-20 163.46 KB The.Take.2009.720p.BluRay.x264.DTS
5 2020-07-20 7.87 GB The.Take.2009.720p.BluRay.x264.DTS HDChina.mkv
6 2020-06-28 15.08 MB Squid Take Notes, Markup PDFs v3.4.9.2 GP [Premium] [www.KeyBanQuyen.VN www.KeyPhanMem.VN].rar
7 2020-06-20 21.33 GB plaza daymare.1998.modern.take.iso
8 2020-05-11 1.45 GB Boney M Take The Heat Off Me (LP).wv
9 2020-03-09 0.50 KB Add Take Ownership Option.7z
10 2020-03-02 56.42 KB Mike.Epps.Dont.Take.It.Personal.2015.1080p.NF.WEB DL.DDP5.1.x264
/Phim tong hop
11 2020-03-02 2.11 GB Mike.Epps.Dont.Take.It.Personal.2015.1080p.NF.WEB DL.DDP5.1.x264 monkee.mkv
/Phim tong hop
12 2019-12-16 1.40 GB One.Must.Fall.2018.1080p.BluRay.DD5.1.x264 GalaxyRG(19).mkv
/Phim tong hop/One.Must.Fall.2018.1080p.BluRay.DD5.1.x264-GalaxyRG(19).mkv / Một Lần Sa Ngã (2018) | A horror-comedy slasher set in the 80’s about a woman wrongfully fired from her office job and forced to take on a temporary job on a crime scene
13 2019-11-12 390.52 MB Take 7 Nuendo offline version.rar
14 2019-10-29 26.48 MB 2019.10.16 Arch Take Notes.7z
15 2019-09-24 0.39 KB The A List S01E02 Take Back Control ViE LT NF WEBRip 1080p DDP 5.1 H264 SUV [vie]
/Phim Bộ Tổng Hợp_BK/The A List (2018) - Danh Sách A (2018)/Subs/The A List S01E02 Take Back Control ViE-LT NF WEBRip 1080p DDP 5.1 H264-SUV-[vie] / Danh Sách A (2018) | Bộ phim thuộc thể loại kinh dị, giật gân dành cho teen – The A List (Danh
16 2019-09-24 24.94 KB The A List S01E02 Take Back Control ViE LT NF WEBRip 1080p DDP 5.1 H264 SUV [vie].srt
/Phim Bộ Tổng Hợp_BK/The A List (2018) - Danh Sách A (2018)/Subs/The A List S01E02 Take Back Control ViE-LT NF WEBRip 1080p DDP 5.1 H264-SUV-[vie].srt / Danh Sách A (2018) | Bộ phim thuộc thể loại kinh dị, giật gân dành cho teen – The A List (Danh Sách
17 2019-09-24 24.36 KB The A List S01E02 Take Back Control ViE LT NF WEBRip 1080p DDP 5.1 H264 SUV [eng].srt
/Phim Bộ Tổng Hợp_BK/The A List (2018) - Danh Sách A (2018)/Subs/The A List S01E02 Take Back Control ViE-LT NF WEBRip 1080p DDP 5.1 H264-SUV-[eng].srt / Danh Sách A (2018) | Bộ phim thuộc thể loại kinh dị, giật gân dành cho teen – The A List (Danh Sách
18 2019-09-12 17.53 GB Take Point 2018 ViE 1080p BluRay DTS x264 PbK.mkv
19 2019-08-08 981.53 MB TaiLieu.PhilLCollins.SeriousH.2019.rar
/Nhạc Việt Tổng Hợp/TaiLieu.PhilLCollins.SeriousH.2019.rar / Phil Collins – Serious Hits…Live! |

Philip David Charles “Phil” Collins (sinh ngày 30 tháng 1 năm 1951 tại Chiswick, London) là một ca sĩ theo dòng nhạc Rock và Pop,

20 2019-07-04 835.90 MB Chris Brown Indigo.rar
/Nhạc Quốc Tế Tổng Hợp/Chris Brown - Indigo.rar / Chris Brown – Indigo (2019) [FLAC] | Indigo Back to Love Come Together (feat. H.E.R.) Temporary Lover (feat. Lil Jon) Emerald / Burgandy (feat. Juvenile & Juicy J) Red All I Want (feat. Tyga)
21 2019-05-30 660.86 MB Sting My Songs [Deluxe] (2019) FLAC.rar
/Nhạc Quốc Tế Tổng Hợp/Sting - My Songs [Deluxe] (2019) FLAC.rar / Sting – My Songs [Deluxe] (2019) [FLAC] |

01. Brand New Day [My Songs Version] 02. Desert Rose [My Songs Version] 03. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free [My Songs Version] 04.

22 2019-05-24 420.22 MB Take That Wonderland (2017) [FLAC].rar
/Nhạc Quốc Tế Tổng Hợp/Take That - Wonderland (2017) [FLAC].rar / Take That – Wonderland |
23 2019-05-22 11.77 GB Grammy Nominees(1995 2018) Flac.lossless.rar
/Nhạc Quốc Tế Tổng Hợp/Grammy Nominees(1995-2018) Flac.lossless.rar / Various Artists -Grammy Nominees |

1995 Grammy Nominees [FLAC] 01. Boyz II Men – I‘ll Make Love to You (4:00) 02. Mary Chapin Carpenter – He Thinks He‘ll Keep Her (4:04)

24 2019-05-15 485.06 MB The Animals The House Of The Rising Sun Best Of The Animals (2019) [FLAC].rar
/Nhạc Quốc Tế Tổng Hợp/The Animals - The House Of The Rising Sun_Best Of The Animals (2019) [FLAC].rar / The Animals – The House Of The Rising Sun: Best Of The Animals |

1. The House Of The Rising Sun 4:30 2. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

25 2019-05-15 265.79 MB Natasha Hardy Lost In Love (2019) FLAC.rar
/Nhạc Quốc Tế Tổng Hợp/Natasha Hardy - Lost In Love (2019) FLAC.rar / Natasha Hardy – Lost In Love |

List songs:

01. In Too Deep 02. Mi Ritiro 03. Tempest In My Heart 04. Take Me Home 05. Enter The Gate 06. Crossing The Highway 07. Il

26 2019-05-14 756.34 MB Kenny Rogers Hits (2019) FLAC.rar
/Nhạc Việt Tổng Hợp/Kenny Rogers - Hits (2019) FLAC.rar / Kenny Rogers – Hits |

List Album:

01 – Once Again She’s All Alone 02 – New Design

03 – Where Does Rosie Go

04 – Goodtime Liberator 05

27 2019-04-23 1.02 GB 300 Bài Nhạc Bất Hủ Quốc Tế Thập Niên 80s.rar
/Nhạc Việt Tổng Hợp/300 Bài Nhạc Bất Hủ Quốc Tế Thập Niên 80s.rar / 300 Bài Nhạc Bất Hủ Quốc Tế Thập Niên 80s |

List 300 bài nhạc: 

A Ha – Crying In The Rain.mp3 Abba – Dancing Queen.mp3 Abba – Fernando.mp3 Abba – Gimme

28 2019-03-26 2.22 MB Check your vocabulary for the TOEIC.pdf
This book has been written for anyone who is planning to take the TOEIC®, and who wants to practice and develop their vocabulary. A greater command of vocabulary is one of the key factors that will help you raise your TOEIC® score. You should not go through
29 2019-03-26 97.15 KB Hedges on Hedge Funds Chapter 10.pdf
CHAPTER 10 Long-Short Strategies in the Technology Sector. This chapter examines how investors can take advantage of the opportunity to profit from hedge fund investing in the technology sector. Over the years, technology-focused hedge funds have turned
30 2019-03-26 967.78 KB Tiếng anh chuyên ngành viễn thông Bài tập.pdf
Exercise 1. Read the following passage then answer the questions. ANALOGUE AND DIGITAL NETWORKS Digital technology in the telephone network is nothing new. Take all the relays in older exchanges as an example. Relays are either "off" or "on", and there
31 2019-03-26 4.35 MB Beginning Windows Workflow in .NET 4.0.pdf
Product Description Windows Workflow Foundation is a ground-breaking addition to the core of the .NET Framework that allows you to orchestrate human and system interactions as a series of workflows that can be easily mapped, analyzed,
32 2019-03-26 2.27 MB Part 10 NTFS Permission & Take Ownership.pdf
33 2019-03-26 5.78 MB Beginning AJAX with PHP From Novice to Professional.pdf
Tác giả: Lee Babin - Nhà xuất bản: Apress Working with technology is a funny thing in that every time you think you have it cornered . . . blam! Something pops out of nowhere that leaves you at once both bewildered
34 2019-03-26 2.25 MB Integrating Ajax with Spry.pdf
Leading Web designers have recently touted the arrival of Web 2.0, a new era in Internet usability and interactivity. The prime technology driving Web 2.0 is known as Ajax-- Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. If you've ever scrolled
35 2019-03-26 50.66 KB The Incredibles – Part 4.pdf
BOB How is he? RICK He'll live. BOB I'm fired, aren't I? RICK Oh, you think? BOB What can I say, Rick? RICK Nothing you haven't said before. BOB Someone was in trouble. RICK Someone's always in trouble. BOB I had to do something. RICK Yeah. Every time
36 2019-03-26 11.13 MB HTML5 Media.pdf
If you're a web developer or designer familiar with CSS and JavaScript, this tightly focused introduction shows you how to add HTML5 media elements to your web pages, and how to provide custom controls for letting web visitors interact with the content.
37 2019-03-26 20.61 MB The Fundamentals of Product Design.pdf
Product Design can be a challenging field of study because the discipline touches on so many subject areas such as materials, manufacturing, idea generation, CAD, engineering functions, art, market research and product types. By exploring
38 2019-03-26 12.79 MB How to Cheat at Configuring Open Source Security Tools.pdf
The Perfect Reference for the Multitasked SysAdmin This is the perfect guide if network security tools is not your specialty. It is the perfect introduction to managing an infrastructure with freely available, and powerful, Open Source tools.
39 2019-03-26 6.40 MB FreeRADIUS Beginner’s Guide.pdf
This is a fast-paced Beginner's Guide that will take you step by step through the fundamentals of FreeRADIUS and using it in your live projects. It has been structured in a way that will let you get maximum practical information out of it in setting up
40 2019-03-26 6.45 MB HTML5 Cookbook.pdf
Dive deep into the latest HTML5 features that really make the language shine-everything from markup semantics to Canvas, web forms, application protocols, and the latest JavaScript APIs. With more than 100 practical tips and techniques
41 2019-03-26 21.63 MB Mac OS X Lion All in One For Dummies.pdf
Whether you're new to Mac or a longtime Mac-thusiast, you've come to the right place. OS X Lion is no pussycat when it comes to features and power, and this handy guide gives you a whisker-to-tail view of your Lion and how to get it to do your bidding.
42 2019-03-26 5.96 MB Creating HTML5 Animations with Flash and Wallaby.pdf
Creating standards-compliant animations for the Web just got a lot easier. With this concise guide, you'll learn how to convert Flash animations into HTML5, using Wallaby-the experimental tool from Adobe. Wallaby makes Flash content available for devices
43 2019-03-26 30.29 MB HTML5 and .aScript Projects.pdf
HTML5 and JavaScript Projects shows you how to build on your basic knowledge of HTML5 and JavaScript to create substantial HTML5 applications. Through the many interesting projects you can build in this book, you'll build your HTML5 skills for your future
44 2019-03-26 24.88 MB The Art of Readable Code.pdf
As programmers, we've all seen source code that's so ugly and buggy it makes our brain ache. Over the past five years, authors Dustin Boswell and Trevor Foucher have analyzed hundreds of examples of "bad code" (much of it their own) to determine why they're
45 2019-03-26 25.85 MB Outlook 2010 All in One For Dummies.pdf
Most people think Outlook is just an e-mail program, but not you! You're about to learn all the wonderful ways it can help you manage your time and your life. This beefy book shows you how to set up and use Outlook to keep your calendar, track tasks and
46 2019-03-26 58.37 MB PHP and MySQL 24 Hour Trainer.pdf
Take static pages and turn them into a dynamic website! Perhaps you know how to create a static website using HTML/CSS, but now you want to learn how to create dynamic, data-driven websites. If you're new to PHP and MySQL, this book-and-DVD
47 2019-03-26 17.53 MB Mind Maps for Kids.pdf
Mind Maps are fun for all ages.' The Independent (Top 10 Best Revision Guides) The whole world should Mind Map.' THE EXPRESS 'The biggest name in memory.' THE NEW YORKER 'Tony Buzan deserves a medal for coming up with the sanity-saving concept of Mind
48 2019-03-26 18.68 MB Integrating PHP with Windows.pdf
Take your PHP programming skills deep into Windows—and build PHP applications that run efficiently and effectively on an array of Windows technologies. Packed with hands-on exercises, this in-depth guide shows you how to use PHP to interact with Internet
49 2019-03-26 28.71 MB Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 4.pdf
Completely reengineered for ASP.NET 4—this definitive guide deftly illuminates the core architecture and programming features of ASP.NET 4 in a single, pragmatic volume. Web development expert Dino Esposito provides essential, architectural-level guidance,
50 2019-03-26 5.19 MB Operating System Concepts Essentials.pdf
Straightforward coverage of the core concepts of operating systems. Open-source operating systems, virtual machines, and clustered computing are among the leading fields of operating systems and networking that are rapidly changing. This book covers the

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